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About Us

From East to West, combining a modern clinical approach and the latest biotechnologies, we develop best-in-class therapeutics. Our development model allows focused investment to quickly bring new medicines into mainstream standards, and within a few years, meet the needs of those who suffer.

We bring together the world’s top scientists in molecular biology, pharmacology and traditional medicines to carry out our research and development. Our management comprises senior executives img_what_01and seasoned entrepreneurs experienced in taking drug development from laboratory to market. They bring with them extensive experience in business and product development, project management, operations, legal and licensing and intellectual property patents. We focus on therapeutic areas with a strong differentiation factor such as neurology and ageing, it leverages the natural components of the medicine to pursue listing with health authorities, while implementing stringent control following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for the drug’s production. These early market entries provided an early stream of revenues which have been reinvested into conducting further clinical development studies. Hence we have been accumulating further evidences regarding the drug’s safety and efficacy in mature markets.

The development of NeuroAiD™II, Moleac’s flagship product has followed this path. Despite its recent availability, NeuroAiD™II has become a product with global reach. It has undergone a considerable geographic expansion outside its home country, Singapore and is available internationally.

The Team

Since its creation in 2002, Moleac strengthens its teams each year to support its growth, which doubles each year.

Moleac’s European affiliate (Moleac Europe) was created in Paris in 2008. The team’s diversity is a major asset, and today Moleac has more than forty employees from a dozen different countries.

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